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With Sears Most Likely Going Bye Bye Anyone Feel Part Of Childhood Ending?

As you all know the company which owns Sears and KMart 150 stores are closing. My local one is not and I am shocked. I go through the store like many folk since its a shortcut to mall center. Their parking lot always is sparse of cars thus easy to park. I rarely see folks buying and never in cookware or tv section.

I grew up with a small premall Sears. My mother and grandmother got every catalog while I grew up. I swear that small Sears sold far more then their giant one. We bought a fridge, oven and a tv there in the 70s plus clothes. We no longer buy appiances there cheaper elsewhere for name brands i found a website showing catalogs from 60s to early 90s. Cheryl Tiegs was on two covers 1966 and 1981. I loved as a kid when they got a catalog. I would sit on the couch put the thick and it was like three phone book on my lap and read through it. Phone books used to be thick, not Sears thick.


Looking at this webpage the changes in styles is incredible.https://chicagology.com/business/sears/searscatalogs03/

Anyone else feel same.

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