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With Teeth (TW health and surgery)

So, lucky me, I’ve had 2 ultrasounds in the last 3 weeks.

Of the transvaginal variety. 😑

Mr. Run and I have been exploring our family making options. Since I am 35, I got to start out immediately with a fertility ob/gyn. Didn’t realize I’d have the tv ultrasound during the first appt. Thanks for the warning, doc. Not a big deal, but still not pleasant.


So on the screen, there’s my uterus, and there’s my right ovary. Lookin’ good, ovary! 8 follicles! And then it’s time to look at my left ovary. Which is all fuzzy. Doc says it looks like a cyst and I need another ultrasound.

Go in for the 2nd ultrasound and then get the results. I have an 8 cm dermoid cyst on my ovary. Now I need surgery and potentially need to have the ovary removed. The surgeon is not too worried that she’ll have to remove the ovary, but it is a possibility. So, surgery is kinda scary, but this seems pretty routine.


Now time for the gross part. A dermoid cyst is benign, usually, but it is basically your body’s attempt to clone yourself. Meaning, these are the kind of cysts filled with sebaceous oil, hair and even teeth. Nope. That makes me want to nope the fuck out of there. Are you fucking kidding me? Gah!

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