Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I went in a few times for video games and found them extremely expensive. I never bought and just ignored this store as a result. As a child the big toy store was Child’s World, who remembered them?

With video games being the go to toys for all ages I wonder if stores like GameStop and online are really the new toy stores. Do kids even care about board games or toy vehicles? I cannot picture myself as a child liking anything but video games.


I am actually shocked Toys R Us lasted this long. With places like Target and Walmart selling toys and video games makes me wonder why folks even would go to Toys R Us.

As a child I loved Child’s World. Also Bradleys had a great toy section when I was a kid and Rich’s. All three gone but I hope not forgotten. I do not know why Bradleys could not compete with Target.

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