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WMMA fighter Bec Hyatt talks leaving her abusive ex

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Pro-fighter and legit Australian badass Bec "Rowdy" Hyatt recently left her awful shitheel husband and was encouraged by Fighters Against Child Abuse Australia to share her story, which she did in all its tragic detail.

I used my training as my escape; I could finally be me and forget about everything at home. I had my debut fight six months later, training twice a day, breastfeeding and having absolutely ZERO help from Dan. Looking back, this camp was by far the hardest that I have ever had. I had to fight to escape him to prove I can do something with my life, to prove I was worth something!

I got knocked out in the first round and to have my husband walk straight past my unconscious body on the ground to congratulate my opponent was the last straw for me. My love for him was dying and my need for him along with it. But in an almost clichéd fashion, I hung around in hope that he’d change.


The whole thing is worth a read so go do that right meow.

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