As a thinking, overly emotional sex receptacle, I don’t get a lot of say in the world around me.

I know what you’re thinking - and it’s true! I’m also not pretty enough to have as many opinions as I do. (Thanks, High School Principal, for pointing that out early enough I might’ve absorbed it - if I weren’t such a feeble-minded lady-type person.)

So I’ve decided to give up having opinions about things! And people! I will, from henceforth, vote with the only part of me that matters: my sex bits.

It is in that spirt that I, as a particularly unsexy sex object, will express my ridiculous emotions by voting #wnb.

Dear Columbia Mattress Rapist: #wnb
Person who fired wwtdgeekgirl: #wnb
Kid who snaked my parking spot this morning: #wnb
Four kids who are “too sick” to attend class because it’s raining: #wnb (To be clear #wnb anyway, but now especially #wnb. Possibly #wnb2)
Officemate: #wnb
No seriously, officemate: #wnb #wnb #wnb

It’s a rainy Friday. Who won’t you bang?