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Woman Arrested with Legal Firearms

Shaneen Allen apparently purchased her firearm legally a week before her arrest, and was pulled over in New Jersey, and, unaware of the laws, was arrested. She faces 3 years in prison. She carries the gun because she was robbed twice in the past year.

I'm sure Fox News thinks they are publishing some sort of anti-gun regulation story, but this a great example of why gun regulation, particularly on a federal scale, could be so beneficial, and help protect legal firearm owners from these kind of confusions.

"I wish I was more aware of the law," she said. "And to anyone out there looking to purchase a firearm, know the law. I didn't even get the chance to understand the laws. I only had it [the gun] a week."


I'm also going to speculate that the color of her skin has something to do with this arrest, but I can't say for sure, so it is merely speculation based upon...reality. Also, she had a copy of her permit with her, which makes me feel like she could have been given a break, here.

What's actually more interesting to me, and makes me give a little more weight to the racial (extra suspicious!) angle, is that she had a particularly destructive type of bullet in the car. I guess this makes her more suspicious, but the fact of the matter is that those bullets were legally purchased. Aside from the being in the wrong state with the wrong firearm permit issue, if the bullets are legal, should she be held accountable for their potential *extra* destruction? Of course not. As Ms. Allen rightly points out:

"They're more destructive, but they're not illegal," she said. "I don't know why people are making a big deal out of that — all bullets kill."

If these bullets are too destructive to be trusted, why are they legal? Why does a firearm buyer not have to be made more aware of the laws surrounding what she is buying, since it is such a dangerous thing with nuanced laws? The woman is basically getting fucked over by the barely-regulated firearm market, and all she wanted to do is EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT.

I am personally strictly anti-gun, but more than that, I am pro-regulation. I realize that guns are a reality we face in our country, at least for the foreseeable future, so make the rules clear, make them logical, make them strict, and make them consistent.



Yog points out that these "extra destructive" bullets are more destructive to the target, but potentially less destructive to others because the bullet does not exit and potentially hit someone else.

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