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Woman performs Live, Online Sex Shows in Public Library

A woman only known by the online handle of "lilsecret" has been filming live webcam sex shows in all least two branches of the Windsor, ON library. It appears she made at least 52 videos in a 3 month period. One ran for 3 hours.

Lilsecret even managed to interact with other library patrons without them realizing what was going on. In one video she shoos away a 7 year old child before going back to what she was doing.

The Webcam company that lilsecret worked for does not permit unauthorized people to appear in videos, so they terminated her employment when they found out library patrons were appearing in them.


A Spokesperson for the Windsor Library system says that a woman was banned from the library after she was seen taking pictures of her own genitals in the library, and they believe it is the same person.

Windsor police are not investigating.


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