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Woman, (un)interrupted

A couple of posts further down dovetail nicely with some thoughts I’ve been having about men, women, interrupting and talking over someone. These thoughts are not fully formed (and I’m at work; tee-hee!), but they may be a nice springboard for discussion.

Women have commonly experienced being interrupted by men, in social settings and in business settings. We know this as women, so I’m not going to post stats. We’ve all experienced it.


However, I’ve noticed something interesting happening with the internet, with women blogging, vlogging, and commenting; we can’t be interrupted, or talked over. We can be ignored, insulted, harassed and threatened, but we can’t be interrupted or talked over. Once we’ve said our piece, it’s out there. This is very subtle, but potentially very powerful.

I can comment on any blog in the Kinjaverse; Kotaku, GroupThink, Deadspin, i09, you name it, and my comment cannot be interrupted. It can be ignored, or ridiculed, but the comment will still exist, independant of anyone’s reaction to it. I can converse with so many people who otherwise would not hear my voice, if we were in a face-to-face real life setting, particularly a group setting. With the best intentions in the world, many of the men would interrupt me, and drown me out by talking over me.

I think it’s possible that’s why people like Anita Sarkeesian can be so threatening; she can get her message out, in it’s entirety, without interruption, and I think the online harassment of women may be, in part, a reaction to the fact that the harassers cannot cut women’s comments out, they cannot talk over them, and they cannot interrupt them, so they have to resort to other more overt tactics to silence women.

Talk amongst yourselves.

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