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Does being fat affect your gyn appointments? I usually love my gyn but she’s been booked so I went to see the PA for my annual. It was not good.

Clearly, these appointments are no fun for anyone. But they are usually not painful. Not only did her pap smear draw blood (I’m not remotely close to my period) but I’m still sore and not happy hours later. Also, telling me to relax was not helpful at all. Bitch, this is as relaxed as I’m going to get with a speculum shoved up my vagina.

The breast exam was also a little painful. She kept pushing on my nipple and it hurt.


She said that my weight meant that she needed to push a little harder (on both ends.) Really? It has not been an issue before. Ever. I mean, I know I’m fat - I’m a size 24, but what?

I’m guessing that my non-sexual nature doesn’t help make things all “relaxed” but still.

Never going to see that PA again. Ever.

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