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Women and Faggots*

(*Not my language, I just wanted to post an awesome excerpt from this that made my morning.)

"The strong women told the faggots that there are two things to remember about the coming revolution. The first is that we will get our asses kicked. The second is that we will win.

"The faggots knew the first. Faggot ass-kicking is a time-honored sport of the men. But the faggots did not know about the second. They had never thought about winning before. They did not even know what winning meant. So they asked the strong women and the strong women said that winning was like surviving, only better. As the strong women explained winning, the faggots were surprised and then excited. The faggots knew about surviving because they always had and this was going to be just plain better. That made ass-kicking different. Getting your ass kicked and then winning elevated the entire enterprise of making revolution."


Please submit your joyous gifs below, revolutionaries! I'm going with a dancing Elmo theme, myself!


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