Everything is Shiny is trying to have a GroupDrink below, so as a friend, I thought I'd share this article that will drive you all to drink and join her.

The Economist just published this study:


that tried to figure out why it was that in women were vastly under-represented in many areas of academia (sciences, math, etc) but over-represented in others (humanities). Essentially they found a correlation between the belief of current professors in the field that you need a special something or talent outside of intelligence and hard work to be successful in the field; the more likely the professors and academics in that field felt that you needed that indefinable something "extra" to be brilliant in the field, the less women tended to be in that field - and the effect carried over to African Americans in the field as well.

So I guess roughly translated, "je nais sai quoi" means "a floppy white penis"

Double sigh.