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Women CAN Have It All! TW: Fox & Friends

I guess I missed this, but some fool wrote about how the only way for women to be happy (because we feeble ladypeople cannot find life satisfaction with a career) is to get a man to work instead of us. We will be happier if our husbands financially support us!

Don't worry, I'm not going to take us to Fox News's website. Here is Slate's synopsis and takedown:


Of course, men have plenty of time for careers. It's we women, with our biologically shorter days, our children who we spawned from our wombs with no sperm contribution, our innate need to clean things - it's the women who have no time for work!


So, let's just become financially dependent on men. That makes everything easier! That way, we have all kinds of autonomy and don't have to busy ourselves with our miserable careers that only men are capable of anyway.


I hope it goes without saying that it is OK to be a SAHM or SAHWife or whatever. It's the idea that it is impossible for women to achieve happiness without the financial support of a man - and whilst pursuing a career - that is offensive.

Not to mention that women "having it all" just means that they are somehow able to accomplish everything they want. Men do not need to strive for "having it all" because they (presumably, according to what Big Patriarchy wants) have a wife to handle the family stuff and the social stuff and the household stuff, and there is no assumption they need to put theirs in too.

A man can be happy with and handle a career, but a woman can't, because she is the only one with outside obligations.

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