Beets made really great thought provoking comment in my post Took Down The

Picture. I was mulling it over. I thought about some of my favorite characters in fantasy many of them women. Two of my favs of classic fantasy are Red Sonja and Xena. Yes absurdly dressed but to me it was to up viewership which I agree is exploitive. But after about two pages or 10 minutes of a show garb is overtaken by women who are just, fierce and brilliant. To me they become far more then wardrobe but great characters. Red and Xena strike terror to slavers, murderers and warlords with their thugs. Modern day fantasy we have Vampirella, Wonder Women and Catwoman absurdly exploitively dressed but they are far more then their clothing. I see it sadly as a marketing scheme that lures mainly men to read but once they start reading they will discover characters that are far more then clothing. I hope that these men lured by the sexy wardrobes will experience an ephiphony through these characters into starting to see people.beyond what they were and that these comics and show will be the lessons they need for real life. Thoughts?