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According to the Huffington Post, Barnard College, the women's college of Columbia University in NYC, has been added to the list of institutions under investigation for Title IX violations. The friend who sent me the link said she thinks this is the only women's college on the list, but we couldn't find a complete list, just the list of the 85 original colleges.

The HuffPo piece doesn't say if there are other women's colleges on the list and its a little confusing about what part is specific to Columbia.* For example, the Columbia complaint includes complaints disability as well as sexual assault cases, but it is unclear whether that includes Barnard and why complaints were split—- was that to split liability? Also, maybe because of Emma Sulkowicz, I was assuming that Columbia was under investigation, but the last line below suggests maybe it's not.


students involved in the complaint tell The Huffington Post, the Education Department has divided the complaint in two, with one complaint focusing on Barnard and another on Columbia's four main undergraduate and graduate colleges. Students say the Education Department has yet to determine whether it will investigate Columbia as a whole or not.

I'm going to put on my winter drag that makes me look like the Michelin Man so I can go home without freezing to the payment. Maybe you can all figure this out in the meantime.

*BTW, I know from friends of mine who are alums of women's colleges that shit went down in the day, but I had hoped that women's colleges nowadays would be out in front with these kinds of procedures.

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