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Women's Magazine Mocks Other Magazines With Fake Cover

This month's Revista TPM*, a Brazilian magazine targeted to women, decided to mock other publications with a fake cover.

The first one has the usual look, with lots of photoshop on the covergirl, and snippets like "be thinner than all your friends", "acquire steel bums, he sure wants you to!". An avid thinker could probably tell something was up, since other snippets border the surreal, as in "good bulimia: the right time to put it all out".

The actual cover is behind it, with the same actress, less photoshop (there is some still!), dressed comfortably, and a single headline saying "Why lie? Why do publications lie so much to women when it comes to fashion, looks, and relationships?".

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I haven't read the editorial, since I can't read it online as a non subscriber. I do know it is titled "An Inconvenient Truth".

I find it to be very interesting, especially in Brazil, a never ending source of sexism and objectification. Trust me, I've been there.
It is very true that the featured actress still fits into the conventional standards and all, but, baby steps. At least that is what I keep telling myself.

*This stands for PMS Magazine.

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