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Women's Magazines and I

....consistently have a very different idea of what is “easy”, “low maintenance”, “a great steal!”, “necessary”. Why do I always fall for articles like these thinking I will actually find something useful?

Here are a list of words included in this article that I do not consider to be “easy-care” or “low-maintenance”:

“paddle brush”
“shine serum”
“relaxing balm”
“long curly hair” (okay what? I have never known anyone that had long curly hair that was easy to take care of)


Is there really a world full of people that have 0 concept that for some people “easy care” is not spending 20 minutes on your hair every morning, instead of an hour? I know I am a frump but if it involves blowdrying I’m pretty much out.

On next week’s rant, we’ll discuss how a 50 dollar tshirt is not actually a steal!

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