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Women's March: Rotten beyond repair?

It seems like the Women’s March has been rotten to its core from the very beginning, and is probably corrupt beyond fixing at this point. I tried to pick some key points to screenshot and highlight in this post, but honestly, read the whole damn thing. It’s full of bombshells about anti-Semitism from the very beginning, nepotism, financial mismanagement, much deeper ties to NoI than what has previously been revealed, and what appears to be fraudulent takeover from the people who originally started the march and registered the nonprofit, among other things.


Having said that, a lot of local march chapters have disafilliated from the national org - on Twitter I saw that these include LA, NY, Sacramento, San Jose, SF, Houston, Washington, D.C., Alabama, RI, Georgia, Illinois, and Denver, and maybe more. There’s also Vanessa Wruble’s org, March On. I’m going to look into March On and my local chapter and channel my activism there instead.

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