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Here in Albuquerque, Mother Nature is smiling down on up in the form of a lovely soft rain, the likes of which we hardly ever see. I'd like to think that this is her way of saying Good Job Albuquerque for producing a turnout almost five times the size of our last mayoral election to quash those crazy ass muthers who decided they would force the city to hold a special election to ban abortions of any kind after 20 weeks. If you'd like to join in the pro-choice discussion, Kookaburracho has a lively post.

My Pretty Floral Bonnet and Crazy Aunt Kanye are seeing unusual weather as well.


It being fall, GT folk are starting to catch horrible colds and flu and asking for advice. Check in with Sugarhill and help plot the death of the guy who coughed all over her, Baking_Bees is calling out for help with Black Death, and even though they say you won't get sick from the flu vaccine don't tell Cassiebearrawr.

We're all just a bunch of sexy sex sexpots here, talking about the sex, thinking about the sex, singing about the sex. Songs that turn you on..., A Story About My First Year Dating After (TW: sexual and emotional abuse) This caused outrage?, and of course Ryan Gosling: Sexy Man.


Penabler has had the most awesome day: Penabler goes to the circus, Vampire Cops: An Original Show by Penabler, and coming soon to a crowd-sourcing site near you Penabler is going to HELP US MAKE THE GREATEST MOVIE EVER!!!!!* .


Lastly, our daily dose of teh cuteness arrives ZOMG BABY COUGARS!!! And A Little About the AZA. Our dose of Awwwww...Yay, I got the photos back from my Halloween wedding reception!. A standing ovation for Lizzhaa, Baby Haa goes to the mall.


For all of you going through soul-trying times, keep moving forward, know that we think of you often and worry when you don't write.

BoyCat says good night to all.

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