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Women's studies syllabus!

Hey guys!

So, I am a young, budding (ugh) feminist who grew up reading Gloria Steinham and Gail Collins and watching Buffy over and over again, all of which I thought was pretty fem-friendly. But as I have only somewhat recently been made truly privy to my extreme privilege thanks to my similarly nubile status in the GT world, the discussions I've read of feminism's exclusion of WOC and trans women has made me realize I need a greater feminist (womanist? humanist?) education. So, I thought maybe we could do a little crowd-sourced education? Regardless of how inclusive/exclusive your favorite feminist theory writers/directors/whatevers are, put it down here and let's all learn something new! Someone on here did a similar post about podcasts, from which I learned about The History Chicks and I've literally listened to every episode-some even twice-since then, so I really trust the judgment of everyone on here. So, I put it forth as this:

What should I read if I want to become a better feminist or womanist?

Have it at!


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