On Monday a new voter ID law went into effect in Texas stating that your photo ID must have your most up to date legal name on it. If it doesn't, you must produce one of the following: Marriage License, Divorce Decree, Court Ordered Name Change. Photocopies are not valid, so if you don't have the original, you have to pay around $20 for the document from the original source.

34% of women do not have their most up to date name on their ID, most likely for the same reason that some people don't have ID to begin with. It costs money to change it, you have to do it during the hours of 8-5, transportation, etc. I got mine changed immediately after getting married, which is what a lot of people are saying in comments on one article that I read, but that's really not fair. I had time and money to spend on it. I can see someone not getting it changed on their ID because they had to scrape up the money to get the original one in the first place. Or they just haven't gotten around to it and kept putting it off because other things were more important.

This is going in to effect when? When Wendy Davis is running for Governor.

Link to the original place I saw the story, The Last Word on MSNBC.