Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Thankfully- I am not hurt, but I am so irritated now that I am realizing how much this is going to screw up the next couple of weeks. Sooooo. This morning I got rear ended on my way to work. Good times, right? I was at a full stop for a crosswalk, it’s the type that has the flashing yellow lights on either side of the road when someone presses the button and crosses. So the lights are flashing, I stop and glance in my rear view mirror. The car behind me turned into a parking lot for a plaza and the guy on the motorcycle swerved around them. I was thinking, Oh man- he’s going pretty fast, he’s not going to hit me is he- when BAM! Yup. He rammed himself into the back of my 4Runner. I immediately put my truck in park, grabbed my phone and dialed 911. I almost fell when I got out because my knees were shaking so bad from nerves. Luckily the guy was sitting upright and speaking. He actually only ended up with a cut on his neck from my broken tail light. His bike is trashed. My bumper/rear end and passenger side back quarter panel are a mess. He’s so freaking lucky he didn’t end up more to the left and wrapped up in my bike rack. Or through the damn window.

So I got to work and called my insurance company- and realized I don’t have the coverage for a rental. Which sucks because while I can actually drive my truck right now, I will be screwed once it goes into the shop. I called his insurance company as well, looks like I will need to pat for a rental out of pocket and then be reimbursed by his company. I have full coverage, but there’s no freaking way I am going to try to come up with the $500 deductible for an accident I am zero percent responsible for. Ugh. So tomorrow I need to drive to the city where this happened and go to the police station to pick up official copy of the report. Luckily I do have an appointment to go to nearby, but I’m also a bit nervous about what kind of damage may be unseen on the underside of my truck.


I think right now my best bet is apply for a crappy high interest “we approve everyone” credit card and pay for rental car with it? Then pay it off and close it out once reimbursement comes in, because otherwise I can’t get to work or my kiddo to the classes I’ve paid for him to take. Great. And my neck and shoulders do hurt- but I’m pretty sure it’s from anxiety not the actual impact.

So frustrating.

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