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Wonder Woman: Earth One


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Wonder Woman: Earth One is a recently-released graphic novel by Grant Morrison and Yanick Paquette.

The story begins with Hercules and his army raping and pillaging the Amazons. Hippolyta kills the shit out Hercules, frees the rest of the women, then they kill the shit out of the army. It’s much like what George Perez and co. did post-Crisis.


Cut to a few thousand years later. The Amazons have set up a utopian, technologically advanced but xenophobic society. Diana has grown bored and restless and takes the arrival of an injured Steve Trevor as a chance to leave Themyscira and see the world. The Amazons don’t take kindly to it.

It was a frustrating read.

There were pluses, like kangaroo jousting and the lesbianism and bisexuality. And Beth Candy is my queen. (“Amazonia has class bitches, too?”)


I liked that this Diana was a bit flawed. She managed to piss ERRRRBODY off in trying to get Steve off the island.

Morrison repeatedly talked up how he wanted to take Wonder Woman back to the Marston portrayal:

“So I went back to the original Marston stories and I was just blown away by the weird atmosphere, in the sense of an alternative culture and alternative sexuality that I think embodied the whole character, everything about the strips — you know, and all that ridiculous bondage stuff that was going on in almost every panel. It seemed like a very different feel than the current version of Wonder Woman, at least for me, anyway.” (Newsarama)


The Marston influence is all over the story. And that makes it feel super dated. Marston’s Diana was progressive for the time. Not saying those issues aren’t worthwhile reads but I don’t feel it worked in a 2016 comic.

Morrison wanted to eschew the warrior interpretation, as if that element and her compassionate side can’t co-exist.

And it’s making me scratch my head that she had to be taken back to the Golden Age. I haven’t read much of Morrison’s Batman but I’ve read his All-Star Superman. He didn’t have Clark fighting corrupt politicians and domestic abusers.


The Amazons weren’t written very sympathetically. And Morrison altered Diana’s origin. Imo it’s even worse than Zeus being her father as in New 52. It’s fucking gross, tbh.

Did any of you read it?

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