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Wonder Woman is “too tricky”

The President of DC Comics, Diane Nelson, made some comments to The Hollywood Reporter about the likelihood of a Wonder Woman movie:

THR: There have been a few attempts at bringing Wonder Woman to the screen — the Joss Whedon feature that was canceled in 2007, David E. Kelley's 2011 TV pilot — but nothing has stuck.

Nelson: We have to get her right, we have to. She is such an icon for both genders and all ages and for people who love the original TV show and people who read the comics now. I think one of the biggest challenges at the company is getting that right on any size screen. The reasons why are probably pretty subjective: She doesn't have the single, clear, compelling story that everyone knows and recognizes. There are lots of facets to Wonder Woman, and I think the key is, how do you get the right facet for that right medium? What you do in TV has to be different than what you do in features. She has been, since I started, one of the top three priorities for DC and for Warner Bros. We are still trying right now, but she's tricky.



It's just...ahhh.

There hasn't been a superhero movie that has been completely accurate to its source material. I haven't seen it (and don't want to) but didn't Man of Steel straight-up change parts of Superman's origin?


And is Wonder Woman's origin anymore complicated than Thor's? You know Thor, the character with the movie that was well-received for some reason and made all the money?

Damn it, Hollywood! STAHP! Stop this "tricky" shit.

...I have a lot of feelings.


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