Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Assorted thoughts:

- As soon as tiny Diana showed up and pretended to train with the Amazons, I was sold.


- If I wasn’t already interested in women, Antiope would have had me questioning things, lol.

- Diana was just so on point. They really “got” her.

- An indigenous character was played by an indigenous actor! Who’d have thought?!


- The Ares revelation could’ve been better, imo.

- The FX in the last fight...it sure was something.

- Needed more Etta.

- Ludendorff was meh.

A few favorite scenes/moments (other than No Man’s Land):

- Smol Diana pretending to train with the Amazons.

- Diana: “[Men] are unnecessary for pleasure.”

Steve [pained]: No.

I wheezed.

- Diana: “OH, A BABY!” Relatable.

- The first “Shield!” bit and Hippolyta fighting.

- Diana: “But Charlie, who would sing for us?”

There are more but I won’t list all of them.

Anyway, discuss!


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