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Won't be fostering that pup after all

Cousin’s kiddo came by with her mom and aunt tonight with Neko. Laid back, kinda of disinterested dog that needed a pair of underpants. Poor unneutered guy. Turns out Neko actually belongs to the mom, not just the daughter. The mom just found out that her dad who is in the hospital won’t ever be returning home - and she is moving closer to his area/doctors to be with her dad/help with care and it’s happening fast and she can’t take the dog. Honestly- I knew I was dealing with some people who aren’t known for their common sense but... The dog had bare patches along his back and tail. I asked if he had allergies, and she said no, I shaved him and its growing back. Hmmm you shaved your dog because of the heat, but only in one weird giant patch?

Poor pup.

My dog checked him out and he couldn’t have possibly cared less, but it was at this point they let me know that he has been known to have food and toy aggression with other dogs. This is a problem - if I didn’t have a 2 year old I could work with that. But I do have a 2 year old that I can’t risk wandering into a nip/bite/fight over a toy. And I also have a 4.5 pound dog that free feeds throughout the day. I know I can’t do it.


So. I will contact my friend who is interested. She has no other dogs. This pup needs quality good, exercise and a trip to the vet- but seemed like an overall good dog. I think he is left tied out alone for long periods of time. :-( they asked if my yorkie is inside while I’m at work. The dog who is small enough to be carried off by hawks? Yeah, he’s laying on the bed watching animal planet in front of the fan when I’m at work. But when they asked it was as if “oh, is that a thing people do, keep their dogs safe inside?” Ugh. In addition to following up with my friend I’m going to look into local Labrador Rescues and get that info to them. I want to help this poor good pup, but I’m not putting my kiddo at risk in the process.

And the cookout today? Gotta love when multiple people are like- oops I made plans with you where you have now purchased and prepared food for our families, but we forgot and are somewhere else altogether. But let’s hang out soon! Nope. Thanks.

Upside is I now have food to put in the freezer.

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