I splurged a bit with ModCloth’s annual 70% off final-sale clearance and I’m so excited that everything fits! I went home at lunch to try everything on haha. I had a bunch of packages and I couldn’t wait to open them.

The cardigan wasn’t really a risk at all as I have the same sweater in another color so I expected that to fit. I’m not even very excited about it honestly but it’s a good quality cardigan so I couldn’t pass on it for $11.99.

The tunic I have almost bought like a dozen times but the reviews were always mixed enough that I couldn’t justify the price. But for the $13.99 I paid now I am extremely happy with it! I’ve been looking for more tunics to wear with my skinny jeans and I think this one will look particularly cute with my dark red ones.

The dress was the biggest risk as it was the most expensive item and had absolutely no reviews. It doesn’t exactly fit like a glove but it does fit, and I think with a push-up bra it will look good. The material is incredible. This was a $130 dress that I got for $39 so overall I’m happy with it. I think I’ll probably wear it for Valentine’s Day.


The heels I may be the most excited about. They have had a million different syles of cat shoes from this TUK brand floating around the site forever. But I never bought any of them because 1) they were a little pricey for something I didn’t think I’d wear super often, 2) they are awfully round in the toe which I don’t generally love and 3) there were too many styles to choose from! But these ones were on sale for $23 so I finally gave them a shot. Thankfully, they fit perfectly. And the roundness doesn’t look terrible. And weirdly I think this red velvet style is somehow LESS “too much” looking than the plain black ones and I might actually wear them.

The sleep top is a consolation prize because I really want this pajama shirt:


But this shirt is $47 which is nuts for HALF of a set of pajamas. So I settled for this nightgown for $13. It’s very soft! Honestly I wanted the other pajama shirt to wear actually out in public but I will definitely get a lot of wear out of this nightgown at least inside my house. If it were more fitted I would maybe wear it out sometimes as a tunic, but I think it’s probably too baggy to pull off as anything but loungewear.

The last shirt is the one thing I may end up regretting. I love cats and I can’t get enough clothes with cats on them. But this particular design isn’t the exactly the cutest cat print I’ve seen. But I liked the collar and the sleeves and I do think I will wear it... and it was 70% off!


They still have lots of stuff left on clearance, but if you shop the sale at this point I recommend filtering by size or else you will open a lot of items to find they don’t actually have any for you.


I have to try not to buy anything else. I was hoping all the other things I wanted would be sold out by the time I got this package. I think the dresses I most wanted are gone, but I’ve still got my eye on this shawl.