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wooing ladies

I have a silly sense of humor and feel confident breaking the ice with men. I’m pretty sure my wooing style when it comes to women is more like “awkward dad”. I’m fine talking to a lady-stranger but the moment I feel attraction, I’m a nervous weirdo.

I have very little experience pursuing or dating women. I’ve gone on some okc dates that were painfully low on sparks, and the only sexual relationship I’ve had with a woman was with a fabulous married couple fifteen years my senior. I’ve chatted up a few women in bars, but I can never quite figure out how to move it into “I’m interested in you” territory—if the woman doesn’t explicitly drop that she’s not into girls a few minutes into the conversation, that is (women in gay/gray bars do that sometimes). So imagine my delight when a supremely cute lady approached me at a friend’s going-away bash, mentions that she’d just gotten a new job, and, by the time the celebratory drinks I ordered for us were made, establishes that we’re both in open/poly relationships with men and seeking some female companionship. The rest of the evening was lovely and we have plans to meet up next week. Yay! Only I’m nervous! She’s somewhat younger than me. Will I sound like an Old? Will my passion for fart-sound apps shatter the veneer of a classy older woman?


j/k I think I’ll be fine. But if you’re a fellow bi lady I’d love to hear how differently you feel when approaching/dating men vs. women. I know it’s a common thing for bi women to find it harder to date women because we just have no idea what we’re doing, heh. That’s true for me, anyway. How about ya’ll?

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