So it's not like I didn't need any other reason to be done with that dude who said no to dating me.

I'm not a long hair sort of gal. I haven't had hair that touched my shoulders in 6 years now. My hair was weird and awkward and not quite chin length on one side and below my chin on the other and I just couldn't deal with it anymore. I got this really cute hair cut (I think so anyway, I haven't seen how it will effect my tips yet O_O), one side of my head is shaved nearly bald and the other is chin length and all flippy. I went over to the dude's place last night and took off my beanie (ALMOST LIKE IN THE CYNDI LAUPER TIME AFTER TIME VIDEO) and I could literally see his face fall. He did not even touch me and I left. So, thank you former dude interest, I am now officially disinterested.

I love having short hair, but the kind of comments I get when I've got hair this short drive me insane. I was working at my "day" job yesterday (retail manager in a mall) and I got more than a couple guys give me the same old "I usually hate short hair on women, but that hair cut looks hot on you!" bullshit. I haaaaaaate it when people, especially dudes, say that. You could've just said that my hair is bad ass and awesome, but no you had to make sure I knew that I didn't kill your boner. Thanks man.

/rant over