Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I write things about poverty occasionally because I have a responsibility to. I feel a certain moral push to write about this thing that is alien to so many people, because I have the words to describe it. Most people, I think, don't love words. And that's okay, because I don't love sports. But people who don't read much and went to good schools are more likely to write fluently than people who don't read much and also didn't get a great education. I keep seeing people talking about class and writing. Why poor people aren't adequately represented and what the roadblocks are. And I am feeling guilty, because I am a poor person who writes things, but I am not trying to write.

I know many people with much more interesting stories than mine, much more heart-wrenching and outrage-inducing, much more beautiful, much less messy. But the people living them did not go to the best schools and did not worry about their SAT scores and don't know the word prose. They can't tell their stories in a way that makes sense to the media system we're working out. And so I wonder: maybe the thing I should be doing is translating their stories into something that uses the right words.


But this, I think, is more than me (sometimes eloquently) bitching to my friends. And so I would like your advice. A lot of you have read my actual essays. Are they good enough for me to be this hubristic about them? I think they might be, they get good responses and circulate on the Interweb for months. I think this might be a good and important thing that I can do, but it would require maintaining a blog or something and every minute is sacred and accounted for already. Is it a thing that you guys and people you know would be interested in? I would like to know if the things I write are good enough to build an audience with, and if the issues I write about are actually of interest to more than a few people. I think it might be important, and I think that when there is a wider discussion happening it's incumbent on us to add our voices to the mix. But I am not sure whether it's viable or whether there is a better way to speak more loudly.

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