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Words of Wisdom Please and Hunter S. Thompson!

Ok, number one.

I'm reading If by Rudyard Kipling-one of my favorite poems-to get me through the week. I failed a quiz last night, and I just feel so lost. I'm seeing my professor today. I'm anxious, but she's super nice so I have no reason to be afraid. But I am. I like going to see professors, but I'm out of my element. I wrote out questions/concerns, but I choke up and tend to not want to 'take up her time with idiot questions'. I know that it's not true because she's here to help me. But still, an anxiety attack is creeping up on me. My wise Jezzies, I want to hear the words/mottos you live by.


The second one, and a bit better in terms of me being happy: I'm a huge Hunter S. Thompson fan. Second to Joan Didion, I believe he was one of the best writers of the 20th/bit of the 21st century. I like the cut of his gib, his honesty and the innovations he made in the field of journalism. No, I am not some poser hipster, I just really appreciate his way of writing about the truth in a way that no one else ever could. I mean, he got inside the story, instead of regular journalists who stood on the periphery and sucked up to the people who they were reporting on. How he was the guy that would get high as hell and write in a style no one could come close to, even today (my opinion, but if anyone has some Thompson-esque modern writers, I'll check them out as well). I'm reading Fear and Loathing on the the Campaign Trail '72 and I really like it. Not a big fan of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas-the movie, except Johnny Depp was spot on (I can quote the first sentence of the book, thanks to my dad!). I really like Thompson's way of conveying the reality of it all. Fear and Loathing on the the Campaign Trail '72 is my summer reading, and it's really great. If you can pick up a copy, I really encourage it! Any other Hunter fans out there? Favorite book by the good Dr. Raoul Duke?

Edit: young Hunter:

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Edit again: Thank you all for the wise words. Everything went well, and I got a hug! And also for the Hunter love, holla!

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