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Me: “When’s the elevator getting fixed?”

Building manager “Well I don’t know. Just that there’s something with ‘safety’ and Canadian safety laws. Something about getting up to code. Blah blah, blah blah”


WHAT THE FUCK? Honestly, I’ve never liked* my building manager but who the tell says this kind of shit? Just say “Oh, I don’t know. The repair guy said the part is on back order.” Act like a professional.

Because now I think “wait, if this elevator isn’t safe, then what about the other one?”

I do health and safety, if there is a stop work order on that elevator and there is something wrong, then something is really fucking wrong.

Do I need to start walking up 11 flights of stairs?

What weird ass sentences are people using on you GT?

*(ETA reasons why I don’t like my building manager. Before this conversation he tried to sneak up behind me and say “boo” “Did I scare you”. No dumbass you didn’t because my hyper vigilance makes sure I notice everything. Other times he likes to stare my chest. Doesn’t like to repair things, will tell you it isn’t his responsibility when it is, and complains about working and the seniors in our building. Also likes spread gossip about tenants.)

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