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Sunday, I learned what “mutton” is. Should have known that a long time ago. Every time it came up (so, basically, only while watching Game of Thrones or reading old ass books in school a long time ago), I wouldn’t say anything. Then Sunday, I looked at my husband and finally said, “what the fuck even is mutton?” Could have looked it up but didn’t. It’s sheep meat. I always had a sneaking suspicion it was like, pheasant or shrew or some other varmint no one eats anymore.

This one probably doesn’t fall under “should have known” as much, but I also spent about 10 years misunderstanding what a “reacharound” is (sex term). I probably won’t spell out what I thought it was vs. what it actually is, so as not to be completely pornographic in the middle of the day, but thus, I was confused and had to be set straight by a gay friend of mine.

You have any words or phrases you definitely learned too late?

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