(Please don't mainpage!) I was wondering if I could get some advice... I have an issue at work I'm not entirely sure what to do about...

I'm going to have my year end assessment tomorrow and I was wondering if this is something I should discuss.

Okay, some back story. Despite the fancy title I have, I'm basically an office manager and admin. I work with a team of eight other people and they rely on me to do stuff like their marketing, client out reach as well as get together presentations and handle stuff with other departments. There are a lot of things I can do that they can't, so they rely on me to get this shit done. One of the eight people is a very high earner and actually has gotten his own assistant. This assistant is supposed to take over what I used to do for him, since he does SO MUCH, leaving me free to help the other seven people. There are things I can do that this assistant can't, and I'm happy to help when I'm needed.

The problem is, this guy still uses me for EVERYTHING. I have no idea what his assistant does, because I get emails constantly during the day to get things done for him. And these aren't simple requests. They are multi-week trials that leave me pulling my hair and screaming because they are basically impossible. On top of that, he gives me all of his angry clients to deal with! Whenever a client emails him a concern or question, he forwards it to me and tells me to handle it. Um, excuse me, you have a dedicated assistant. There's also a client helpline you could give them too, but no, he just sends it to me. I've been dealing with a client on an issue that isn't even related to anything I do for the past MONTH! It's really starting to piss me off.


I don't know how to tell this guy no, since he has a very harried, aggressive demeanor and I don't want to be on his bad side but I really wish I knew what his assistant did all day if I'm the one dealing with his problems. Even worse, does he just give me all his complaints and difficult work and lets his assistant help him with real tasks, leaving me scrambling to do his petty bullshit on top of all the other things I have to do for the other seven people? I keep wondering maybe I should go to the assistant and try to teach them to deal with some of these things, so I can tell this guy "Oh, I taught your assistant how to do that! But if they have any questions about it, I'm always here to help!".

I'm not sure what to do. It's nice to be needed at work and thought of as valuable and irreplaceable. I'm known as someone who can get even the toughest, most impossible problem solved. I just feel slightly taken advantage of. He has a dedicated assistant, why am I still getting his work?


Do you think this is something I should discuss with the department manager at my review tomorrow, or should I confront him myself and ask him if he wants me to help train his assistant? Should I just keep my mouth shut and be glad I have work to be doing? I keep trying to grin and bare it but it's getting harder and harder to not be completely pissed off by those "handle this for me" emails.