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So a thing happened at work and I'm a touch upset and polishing up ye olde resume (Jesus, that's hard) and I think I need another few brains to look at things to make sure I'm not over reacting.

I work in a big city. I like it there. Even though my commute is kind of a shit show, it's a great place to work. There's always something going on in the city! I work in the headquarters of the company as well, so I've met absolutely tons of wonderful people in high and low places. I feel like there is a ton of exposure and I feel like I've gained a very good reputation there as someone who is always willing to help out and work hard even for someone not in my division.


The department I'm in has been kind of rough lately, mainly because our regional manager won't actually give us the help we need. They're more focused on building teams in other parts of the state and have let us languish without a manager since last summer. It's a little dire. But my team has soldiered on as well as it could.

We have a sister department across the river. They fell on hard times too and when they lost the person who does my job over there, the regional asked me to step in and cover the two teams. Massive increase in work load because those other people are needy as hell and have the most insane problems, nearly all of their own making. They finally got a new manager and I thought things would look up, but this person is the worst of them all! I've been getting twenty emails a day from this person with the most inane and insane of requests. "Can you have my office professionally cleaned?" "Can you arrange all my meetings for me?" "Can you order me X and Y and Z?" "Do you know everyone on my team's birthdays?" "I don't want to do this difficult thing, can you do it?". SHE IS DRIVING ME CRAZY. These things aren't even my job description! The worst part was the insulting not even one whole percent of a raise I received for doing the worst of two employees. Gee, thanks.

Today I was asked to work in her office to help out. This office is in the middle of podunk nowhere, in a woodsy area, near a strip mall. It's grody and isolated and I feel like I'm going to have an anxiety attack every time I work there.

So, of course, today this woman and the regional pull me aside and tell me they're going to be phasing out my team in the city because it's been just SO HARD to find us a manager and it's just easier to break the team up, and would I start immediately in this office with Crazy Demanding Woman and her Crazy Demanding Team? Since I'm very easy going and nice, I think they were shocked when I said I'd consider it but that I preferred to work in the city. They tried to convince me of the impending doom of my team, which they ran into the ground through ignoring us, and I hedged and said I'd think about it. The woman even said she thought I'd make a great receptionist, EVEN THOUGH THAT IS NOT REMOTELY MY FUCKING JOB.


Honestly, I don't know who I'd murder first if I had to work there, that woman or myself. It is such a downgrade to be shoved into the backwater of an office. I'd never meet another person of importance again. I'd have no way to network and grow a group of people I can rely on. It is a terrible place. It would be an absolute dead end to the career I've somehow scrapped together.

But now I'm worried. Did I just essentially... turn down a job? When I was told my job in the city is swiftly becoming no more? In this economy? When I go in tomorrow, am I going to find that my key card doesn't work in the elevator?


I've already touched a bunch of people I know in the city to see what departments are hiring and I have one of the head's of one department (who is lovely and we used to chat all the time!) to ask about a position they just put on the jobs site.

I want to stay in the city, it feels like the best thing for me and my career, but am I shooting myself by not just going with the flow, being packed off to this woodsy strip mall nightmare and just collecting a paycheck?

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