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Work Advice Needed

The company I work at just hired a new guy to be a production assistant. He would be assisting me and three other people at the company. He’s brand new to this world, so there would be lots and lots of training on things like coding and how to make websites. He’s come in now for two meetings.

Each time he’s in a meeting, he touches me. The first time, it was on my knee. The second time, today, it was on my elbow. He’s been seated next to me both times. He’s doing it to get my attention about something, like to ask a follow up question or something, but I’m super not into it. I JUST met this dude. Don’t f*cking touch me. Also, this is a workplace, not a bar. Either way, it wouldn’t be cool.


I need a polite way to respond next time. He’s done it in front of other people, so part of me doesn’t want to make a big deal about it front of others, but on the other hand, I don’t want this to continue. I feel like if he needs my attention, he can just say my name or something. I’m considering telling him I have leprosy.

GT, anyone else had to deal with this? What’d you do?

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