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Work Advice Needed!

Need some advice from the masses, please! Here’s the situation: I work in upstate New York, but it was cheaper to get tickets for my vacation out of New York City. My return flight arrives very late on Wednesday night and I don’t want to take any more days than I have to, so I got permission to work from our New York City office for Thursday and Friday. No official work reason to be in the city, means that I would not be on travel status. Book my tickets, reserve myself an office in New York, arrange to stay with a friend. Then a work project arises that would certainly be easier to accomplish from New York City, but doesn’t necessitate my being there. I figure, I’ll just do this while I’m going to be in that office anyway. This project will take like an hour or two or time – definitely not a whole two days-worth of work reason to be in the city. My secretary is helping me plan travel for a different trip the week before and says, “Aren’t you going to New York City also?” so I explain that yes I am and originally I had no work reason so I wasn’t planning to get travel benefits but now there is a small work reason. She thinks I should get travel status for both days, and that I can get a hotel room for Wednesday and Thursday nights plus my return train ticket home. I trust her, because she knows everything around here. She prints my travel approval forms for my supervisor and department head to sign, and my supervisor comes over and says that (like I originally thought) this is more me wanting to work out of the city for two days for personal reasons than it is being working out of the city for work reasons and so I shouldn’t be on travel status. But, she’s scheduled a bunch of work reasons for me to be there now, so it will be okay this time. Then she goes and talks to our secretary and explains the same thing to her, and our secretary explains her reasoning. Conclusion they come it is okay this time, because of the additional work reasons my supervisor scheduled for me to be there, but not okay in future or as general practice.

It seems like I really shouldn’t be on travel status for those two days, and I don’t want to abuse the travel rules or have it seem like I am taking advantage of them. I really just don’t want this to be a thing, so I am thinking of just cancelling the hotel and the train ticket I booked on my work credit card. When my supervisor talked to me about it I offered to cancel it and stay with a friend (which I can definitely still do), and she told me not to worry about it this time.


Question is: Should I cancel the hotel and train? Or will doing that cause more drama llamas?

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