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I have this employee that I don’t know quite what to do with. She’s dedicated, intelligent, and wants to do well, but she’s also super young and seems constantly on the verge of breakdown. This girl is just a walking ball of stress and it’s impacting not only her performance, but other employees as well. If she can’t find something she needs, she breaks into tears until someone helps her. If she feels too crunched for time and doesn’t think she’s going to get things done, she breaks into tears until someone calms her down. Just this past month I think she’s had six panic attacks in the kitchen. When she gets stressed she gets claustrophobic and freaks out if anyone is in “her space”-this means anywhere in the bakery area (where a lot of common-use items are stored) or within three feet of her if she’s at the dish sink. Our line manager started out doing everything in his power to help, babied her for the first few months she was here, but he’s getting fed up and apparently made a snarky comment about her to another manager which, of course, my employee overheard. Now she’s freaking out because “people are laughing at” her and saying if they don’t stop she’ll put in her two week’s notice. No one should be talking shit about other employees, granted, but this situation is getting completely ridiculous. All I need her to do is calm down enough to do her (pretty simple) job, but nothing I’ve tried has helped and she’s just getting worse. I can’t rely on her to do the tasks I assign, and I can only assign her certain basic tasks because trying to train her for anything else seems to shove basic knowledge like how to cream butter right out of her head. I don’t know if I’m being a softy keeping her, or if I’d be way too harsh to tell her flat out I don’t think kitchen work is a good fit. Can’t stand the heat, as the saying goes.

What think you, great minds of GT? I just want a functional team that can get along with the rest of the staff.


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