In the time that it took for you to ask me to ask that person, you could have asked them yourself. As a matter of fact, you could have been communicating with this person via email this ENTIRE TIME and did not need to go through me to talk to them.

It probably would have actually been advisable for you to talk to them directly since these are your travel plans and because you emailed the guy first and he knows you and doesn't know who the hell I am.

And not only are they your travel plans, but we aren't paying for them. So I'm doing a job that literally isn't mine because you are too lazy to email the hotel guy with your questions.

And if you tell me you are "confused" about how to send an email one more time after sending me emails for the last 2 hours, I'm gonna scream. Then block your email address. You are a fucking adult. Booking a hotel isn't rocket science.

UPDATE: I told the hotel guy to just start emailing her directly again. I can't with this. I'm not her mother.