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Work Blues

I’ve been missing recently because my boss has cracked down on internet use.

Guys, I really don’t like this job. I’ve been in it for 2 1/2 months and I still consistently get told I’m doing it wrong. It’s not that I’m bad at it it’s that every time I complete a task my boss suddenly remembers that there are extra steps and requirements she never told me about that have to be done in future when doing those tasks. If it’s sending an email to clients with a business who might suit their needs, it turns out I need to contact every business and ask if they want to be shared (despite being told that everyone on the database I use had signed up). The database I used was the wrong one, despite only being told about that one, used the “right one” and now that one isn’t what I was told it was (ie businesses did not sign up in the past). Basically I can’t trust any instruction or any of the documents left by the last woman as it may be they aren’t what they seem like or what I’ve been told.

I am actively looking to move. I applied for it to be permanent but I’m now not sure I’d accept an interview (considering I interviewed when the post was internal only and “wasn’t appointable).


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