My department moved buildings on my company’s campus a few months ago, and for reasons not worth going into, the only other editor had to stay in the old building.

The other editor (who isn’t my boss, but is definitely the senior member of the editing sub-team) has been understandably feeling kind of isolated, but it hasn’t caused a problem at all on my end. There’s no extra work involved, we’ve stayed in close touch by email and phone, and we have weekly face-to-face meetings.

But today at our weekly meeting she told me that the department vice president had approached our team leader and said that she (the VP) had asked me how things were going with the building split, and I responded very negatively.

That didn’t happen. I don’t mean she misunderstood me or read negativity when I didn’t intend it; I mean I’ve had one 30-second conversation with her since we moved, in which she asked me if I’d taken the employee survey and I told her I had.

It couldn’t be a matter of her confusing me with someone else. She definitely knows my name and exactly who I am. I can’t imagine she would make something up deliberately. I’m at a loss, and this is blowing up into a thing — my team leader scheduled an hour with me and the other editor next week to talk about me complaining to the VP. Which I didn’t do.

I think I managed to convince the other editor (who generally likes me) that I don’t have any problem and if I did, I’d talk to her, not go over her head. But I don’t think my team leader (who generally doesn’t) would take well to me basically calling the VP a liar. So I don’t know what to do. It doesn’t help that my team leader told the other editor that I’d supposedly said something problematic but didn’t tell me, which I think is really inappropriate.


Jesus, I just want to go home and start drinking.