Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I love it when you go on vacation, your coworkers and supervisors know you're on vacation, but they act as if it's news.

For instance:

  • Emailing me frantically, telling me they need something by Monday (on Labor Day, which I know they won't be in the office either anyway).
  • Emailing me frantically, wanting an answer immediately.
  • Emailing me frantically because they never read through the list of decisions and answers I gave them before I left.

What they did not do:

  • Call me frantically.

The fact that they didn't call (they ALWAYS call because I don't work in their office) shows me that they did, in fact, remember I was on vacation, and didn't want to bother me, but just thought emailing wanting direct responses would not count.


I mean, these weren't like, "ok let me just email HML in case she checks it." These were "OMG WHY HAVEN'T YOU ANSWERED THIS QUESTION YET I'M WAITTINNNNNGGGG" emails.

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