I’m a little worried about incompetent boss. His boss has been asking him for information about our group that he wants to use that info to make changes. I have it. I’ve been giving it to my boss. Charts, graphs, raw data, reports, presentations, etc. It’s been a time consuming job of collecting massive amounts of data and organizing it. I’ve spent about 50% of my time on it in the last 9 months (on top of my already fulltime job). I’ve learned a ton and it’s the first time we’ve had this kind of view of how our group works and our budget - it’s been eye opening. However, he only passed small (or altered) pieces to his own boss. Once, he tried to get me to falsify some data and I refused. He then played it off as a misunderstanding. He is doing this perhaps because:

  • The info makes him look bad
  • The info makes it clear that difficult decisions are required to fix the some pretty expensive mistakes
  • He doesn’t understand some of it and just bungles the explanation due to incompetence even though I explain it to him and give him private talking points to use in explaining the stuff I’ve prepared
  • Some combination of all those things

This seems to have annoyed his boss (understandably) who finally just started coming straight to me for the info. I provided some answers yesterday directly to him at his request. It was pretty simple and I’ve had it at my fingertips for months. I worry about cutting out my boss as the middle man though because he doesn’t like that. I’m really between a rock and hard place because I’m also quite proud of the work I did. It’s probably the coolest thing I’ve ever done in my professional life. Just venting. Thoughts? Advice?