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Welcome To The Bitchery

Why is my workplace so dramatic? I don’t understand why people have to bring in so much dramatic bullshit to the workplace.

For example, today my direct supervisor at the nonprofit I work for told me to “watch out” for one of the associate principals at the public school I am based at, because she will take any chance to stab us in the back. “It’s happened before,” my boss warned darkly. What??? I work for an organization that helps kids with their reading. WHY IS THAT CAUSING DRAMA. I don’t know whether my supervisor has gone off the deep end (which I have to doubt because she is actually a great manager and boss, and I truly appreciate her), or whether this associate principal has actually done some deeply evil thing in the past. Just, why should I have to “watch out” for people at work??? My job is already so hard.

I actually felt so close to quitting this morning—I nearly burst into tears at one point. Mostly my colleague and I are both sick so we are struggling to work at our normal levels, but today was especially hard. I had a moment of hating my job more deeply than I have ever hated any job—or any obligation—before in my life. But after work I got some coffee and I feel better now.


What I have learned from this job: I hate dealing with the volunteer mentors. I hate dealing with other adults in this pseudo client way. I like kids, and my actual colleagues, and that’s it. My diplomacy under pressure needs some work, because there comes a point when I want to scream at the next person to ask me a stupid question. People should just try being less stupid! And actually read the emails I send them. But mostly be less dumb.

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