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TL:DR : My job stresses me the fuck out

So things have slowed down for my office a little bit (although not for me, so that’s a good thing?), so that’s got me worried. But what is worse is the woman who is second in command at this office took out her Mean Girl on me last week. I won’t go into detail but it’s some of the worst shit anyone has ever said to me in a professional setting by a woman who had power over my employment status. Actually, even by any man except the one boss who was clinically mentally ill (manic depressive).


This week she and my boss are being super nice to me. There’s been secret meetings. This has been one of the more toxic work environments and I’ve only stayed because I’ve been working on this fantastic project for the past 8 months and that is finally starting to wrap up.

I do a lot of things in the office besides work with this woman, but it seems like everything I do for her is the exact opposite of right. She basically threatened to demote me. And the nicer I was the meaner she was! I just ignored it.


This has motivated me though.

Sunday I contacted a recruiter who I liked and has the company I want to work for. I’ve been putting him off for six months though to work on a once in a lifetime opportunity (this current but soon to be in two months mostly complete project phase).

He returned my email finally yesterday. I’m probably not the highest earner on his roster and it’s not like I really want to leave until after I get my yearly bonus which is not so far away.


Anyway, I’ve needed to make a big change in my life and I finally think I’m feeling up to the challenge. This current shiftiness has motivated me more than anything to take the next steps to a more fulfilling career.

And have feely feels for someone on the project team but not a co-worker and I think it might be something real but as it is a professional connection first and foremost, discretion and adultness is proscribed. Our professional community is not small but not large. We still have a serious two months ahead of hard work ahead on a high profile and high budget project. Like, if my boss found out in a bad way I might get fired kind of no-no fucking around. He may still be attached to the project for a while whereas my substantial involvement will dwindle. So, if I am moving on sooner than later the conflict of interest issue will be not so impenetrable.

So, let’s see what bombshells are dropped tomorrow at our last minute staffing meeting in the middle of Thursday.

Too Much Drama

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