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Work Ethics question ( helps me I have a shemergency)

Jezzies and Jezebeaus,

Okay so as you know I opened a hotel with my company in central Illinois in July. I am the lone Pastry chef, normally a salaried management position but I'm still being paid like an hourly cook and underpaid, but My boss promised that I was in line for immediate promotion so long as my performance was great. So at 13.13/hr ( not shitty wages, technically) But for the work I'm doing ( Doing bread, pastries and breakfast items for the entire hotel, managing labor and food cost, having relationships with purveyors and clients, Supervising shifts ) is far beyond my job description or my pay rate. But I've been doing it anyway because hey it's experience and it makes me look really good when I get that promotion. Did I mention that I do all of my production, finishing and office work alone? Yeah I'm a one man army for a 300 room hotel.

So fast forward to now, I'm constantly fighting with the hotel execs to give me teh time and resources to do work I'm contractually obligated to provide and somehow this week they want me to feed multiple functions totaling up to 3000 people while cutting my hours down to 32 a week. I'm so stressed out that I'm thinking of transferring in December when I can internally transfer again after six months. It's also looking like due to mismanagment that I will not be getting the promotion and pay raise that I was promised. And If they do give it to me ( They keep pushing it back, it's looking like February at the moment.) It will reset my timer to transfer.


Now I don't want to do this, mostly because I just moved and I am just getting settled, I like my exec chef and I don't want to burn bridges. However, I'm scared they are going to completely gut my operation and force me to start ordering stuff in. Currently, I'm doing things from scratch and we are currently sitting at a 93% quality of food satisfaction score YTD which is amazing , a great hotel usually gets around 82-85% Currently we are seventh in the company.

What do I do?

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