I work as a technician/CSR in the solar industry. I'm one of those "Green Collar" workers you heard so much about a few years ago when we were supposed to save the economy (sorry economy :( we are trying). Anyway, today I was fiddling around, posting on Gawker sites per usual, when I got a call from a man who is retiring soon and wanted to set up his own system. I was my usual charming and helpful self and talked him through the process of setting up a PV array. He got a really good vibe off of me and the company, and he revealed himself to be a big wig at a hundreds off millions of dollars electronics corporation. He said they were interested in our product and would have his buyers get in contact with me. Me. The lowly tech with the cube with no windows.

I'm not supposed to do this, but I'm going to try to land this account myself. My greed for that commission is kicking in strong. Everything needs to go just right but this could be huge for me and my company. I should pass it off to sales person, but I did all the hard work of talking with this guy on the phone for 15 minutes. Possible risks are I get in trouble for not following procedure, which I always do because I'm a rebel (my boss calls it "going rogue" when I do it which only makes me feel more like a badass). If I do end up getting this account, I will anger the sales people, as this should have been passed to one of them. But they can just stare at my balls as I lounge nude from atop my giant pile of commission money.