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FluterDude put in notice at work.

He has politely asked me not to change my Facebook status to BYE BITCH with my favorite Angela Bassett gif. But a gal can pretend.


Changes won’t happen until the end of the year (about seven more loooooong months, which is another post), but still. Since we work in the same place, today has been a lot of people asking a lot of questions which assume a lot of things.

WHERE ARE YOU GUYS GOING? (I’ll probably leave too, but I get to decide that myself.)


A lot of people I have literally spoken with once telling me how much they’ll miss him/me/us.


It’s been a few broken-hearted students who love him freaking out about WHAT THEY’RE SUPPOSED TO DO WITHOUT FLUTERDUDE.


And FluterDude’s boss letting me know that he’ll totally get me a FT position and then we won’t have to leave.


This all sounds (and occasionally feels) pretty heartless, but serves to further underscore that nobody around me has any idea how unhappy I’ve been, or for how long. And frankly, that’s as much of the problem as the job, the pay, or any of the other indignities.

I have literally no idea where I’m going, or what I’m going to do when I get there, but God to I love knowing it’s closer to over.

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