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Work Hard or Die Trying Girl: a Rant Post

Let us gather and expel our negative energy until it coalesces into a giant mass of loathing and frustration that consumes all those who have slighted us!

It truly baffles me how awful someone can be at their job and manage to keep it. I am new at my job and have this great big project that will net the company approximately an extra $1M. It’s a great opportunity. Except it has been a giant pain in the ass because no one I’ve talked to knows the process for getting this project off the ground. It is a big company...there is for sure a process...how does no one know it!? I digress.

I get an email a few days ago from another department member who is now, in January, raising hell because she wants BIGIMPORTANTDOCUMENT review to happen. We have a shipping date at the beginning of February and I have been working on this project, with regular meetings was supposed to fucking be at, since AUGUST. This person has been on every single meeting invite to discuss the process, as I attempted to hobble together some semblance of a blue print for this shit since, again, August. She always declined, even though I took great pains to schedule everyone around the times she was free and reach out to her individually.


The only time she has ever responded was to bitch me out when I had to schedule an emergency meeting for the next day to discuss something that otherwise would have killed this million dollar project and was incredibly time sensitive. Why? Because it was a 30 minute meeting during the time people typically take lunch. Keep in mind this was the only time that everyone on the 12 person team of folks who have input could meet. She had time open on her calendar before and after the meeting when she could have gotten lunch and this is one of those companies that has a culture of “we’re flexible but get your shit done”. She could have easily brought lunch to the meeting, eaten before, or eaten after. Which is what everyone else did, happily, because they actually care about their fucking work and this project.

So. She has had literally 5 months to tell me this shit that she wants me to do (that I later found out is actually entirely her fucking job) or else the project can’t happen. With an email that has words randomly capitalized to emphasize how dumb I supposedly am because I must not be understanding the basics.

At what point can I just throw up my hands and tell my manager that this person ain’t shit!? (Obviously won’t do that...just really want to).


I’m going to get this taken care of, come hell or high water. But shit shouldn’t be this hard.

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