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Work Health/Weight Loss programs

Does anyone have any experience with these? Our health insurance company is offering us some sort of incentives to participate in one of those health programs where you do healthy things and get points and compete against your coworkers, etc. I’ve been asked to help sit down with HR and come up with ways to make this fun and encourage people to do it.

And I... hate these things with a passion. I love being healthy. I love competing. I DO NOT LIKE HEALTH OR WEIGHT LOSS COMPETITIONS. I already flat out answered and said “I will come to the meeting as long as this isn’t weight loss focused” and they were like “Oh there are lots of things to focus on!”.

As someone who both has a history of ED and who is currently dealing with weight gain for medical reasons that I can’t control (omg doctors yall how do they go to so much school to not be very good at things), I am just incredibly leery for so many reasons of creating a competition/keep track of stuff so we can keep each other accountable! type deal.


Does anyone have any experience in things like this and how they can be made not horrible or harmful? Before one asks, no, there is no way I can just ask that we don’t do it at all. It saves the company money blah blah blah and they seem already pretty invested in it (i.e. we also are flying in all of our remote employees in on the same week in August because apparently some nurse is coming to take biometrics of everyone and I hate this all so much with a passion and why cant we have single payer care). But If you were me, going to sit in that meeting tomorrow, what would you say? How would you play along with the party line while mitigating it as much as possible to make it non damaging for people? If it helps at all, the program is the Humana 365 for anyone familar with it.

(Ps if the answer is that I’m being way to sensitive about it because of my own issues and background, that is also an acceptable answer :) )

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