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Welcome To The Bitchery

HML checks email at 8:30am (works remotely). Email with subject line: "URGENT - Quick Response Needed." Ok, nothing out of the ordinary. HML opens email within 5 minutes of it being sent.

"Good morning HML! Getting ready to get Contract signed and Third Party needs you to take a look at this space and tell him where to build the Things beforehand so they can put it in the agreement. Please see attached."

Attached: Document with almost no relevant information to question asked.

HML responds: "Good morning to you too, coworker! Can you tell me which X is relevant, whether they need a Y, and the size of the Things that Third Party wants to use?"


Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.

10:10am: "HML - we really need a response on this ASAP."

HML response: "Did you see my previous email? I need a few answers first. Will forward."

10:42am: "HML, I don't have those answers but they need to know this right now."


To give you some idea about how much help I literally cannot give them, imagine someone sends you a document and says, "how much square footage is in this building" and the document attached is a photo of a dog in front of the building. It's not the exact situation, but basically what I'm working with here.

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